Industry observation: Home Furnishing consumption shady out

2016-04-25 13:59:22   HIT:2328 
Huicong coatings network news: spend life savings to buy a good house, the next step is the decoration. During the renovation, for many people, is painful and long, a lot of people say, a house with a layer of skin. Despite careful careful, the market is still full of Home Furnishing trap, "startling step by step". Today, we have over the past year caused by hot household consumption shady incident review, let you in the future consumption of how long a minds eye.
Shun "poison floor" explosive hardcover unspoken rule
Event playback: many consumers to buy a house, have special preference with refined decoration of the house. In February 16, 2012, with a net posts broke into a quality crisis, Anxin flooring. Whistleblowers said: Anxin flooring suspected of formaldehyde exceeded the amount of wood composite "poisonous floor" in Vanke and other refined decoration projects, involving Beijing, Shanghai and other national 16 seat city, a total of 29 Vanke Real estate of tens of thousands of units of housing, for a time, hardcover room is pulled into the crisis.
Experts commented: that hundreds of Chinese interior architect Zhao Jun Qu, decoration materials quality and safety issues relates to everyone's interests and security, this, the owners decoration to polish eyes, some materials for the decoration of the cognitive and comparison, do not blindly believe businesses unilateral irresponsible propaganda should know more about the required materials and the general public.
QuMei Chongqing dealer "run away"
Event playback: in early October 2012, Home Furnishing industry news, QuMei dealers in Chongqing to "run away". Dealers funding chain fracture due to the withdrawing partner, leading to factory orders, 80 consumers pay a deposit cannot delivery, involving an amount of more than 100 million yuan. After investigation, Qu Mei furniture made such a solution: the customer's deposit, the balance directly to the manufacturers of the account, in order to take delivery of the goods. Trimetazidine furniture chairman Zhao said that trimetazidine furniture business for more than 20 years has never seen such an event, the event purely case. At the same time, he promised to "never let consumers suffer".
Experts: Qingdao furniture industry veteran Zhang Ziqing said, as the main trading relationship with the manufacturers only dealers, after facing the operating pressure or emergencies, it is quite fragile. Especially under the trend of real estate regulation tightening, business is not too good dealers will make more and more manufacturers face a crisis, how to effectively control and become must deal with the issue.
"EASYHOME" copycat shop are frequent
Playback events: on March 20, 2012, unexpectedly the home official micro Bo issued "companies have found that unscrupulous merchants fraudulent unexpectedly the home name in the set up shop on the net" announcement. According to media launched, is well-known Home Furnishing mall shop fraudulent use of far more than easyhome. Today, in Taobao Search, shop or treasurer name with the words "unexpectedly the home" turned out to have dozens, Jimei home, Gongxingmeikailong such well-known stores has also been a large number of falsely. The fake stores are generally moved to big stores the name of the first to attract customers, but service commitment cannot and brand stores and services mentioned in the same breath. Some of the seller's service warranty in physical stores, has proved impossible to achieve.
Expert comments: Qu Zhaojun believes that network marketing is a marketing tool you love. But if the lack of supervision mechanism should be, there will be many copycat brands, not only harm the interests of consumers, but also damaged the brand image of enterprise.
Nippon store in false door
Playback events: in February 2012, media exposure capital more than Nippon Paint stores sell fake Nippon Paint, issue the test report, business license and receipt, caused widespread concern in the community. Nippon later said that the relevant distributors and stores launched a thorough investigation; suspended dealer involved agent qualification, the stores involved take closed treatment, made "false a compensate ten" commitments.
Experts commented: that Zhang Ziqing, in the domestic market Jiazhuang, Dulux and Nippon almost become the synonymous with paint, since events can be seen, the credit crisis has spread to the big brands. At the same time also exposed the lack of supervision enterprises downstream distributors, and ultimately only by the consumers themselves pay.
Home store surge
Event playback: March 31, 2012, located in Beijing City, West Fourth Ring of the eight dragon Lighting City announced the closing, bid farewell to the 12 year of the lamp business history. Re opened here in June 16, 2012, into the aquarium market. Beijing eight square lighting city close attention, from it is the capital of the eight lights store one. And more importantly, it is also a series of home stores in 2012 to close the event of the fuse. On September 14, 2012, the world's largest home building materials supermarkets Home Depot in China only seven large stores close at the same time, across the board to withdraw the Chinese market. 6 years ago to spend $100 million acquisition of Tianjin world's Home Furnishing curve into the Chinese home depot, eventually had to leave.
Experts commented: Qu Zhaojun that the success of the operation of the market and not involved in the face too much once witnessed the city lighting store development course of Beijing eight dragons Lighting City, under the situation of market saturation, transformation and other industry might not be a bad idea. It should be said that the real estate regulation and control of the big trends and market positioning, and many other objective factors, home stores face a major reshuffle.