Solid wood floor quality does not depend on the material to be weighed in all aspects of the assessment

2016-04-25 14:00:23   HIT:2146 
With the improvement of people's quality of life, the real wood floor has been spread into the ordinary people's home. So what kind of solid wood floor quality is better? Species are the only criteria to judge it? Valuable timber tree species characteristics, as well as the floor of course, but experts suggest that the more expensive wood is not, the quality of solid wood floor, the better. The quality of the wood floor is related to the wood quality, but the technology, the quality of the pavement and the use of the environment are also important factors. And as long as the work, installation and use properly, poor wood can also make a good floor.
Solid wood flooring raw material diversity price disparity
At present, on the market of solid wood flooring materials species, precious is Huali wood, teak, Liquidamberis Pigeonpea, precious stones sang, mid-range have ants wood, elm, ash, India eggplant wood, fiber skin Lecythidaceae, maple wood, cheap and there are pine, its price also from 100 yuan / square meters to 1000 yuan / square meters, which to 200 yuan to 400 yuan / square meters of majority. Currently on the market sales of the better merbau (commonly known as pineapple grid) floor, fiber skin Lecythidaceae, longan, black ants wooden floor, slightly upscale is teak and Liquidamberis pigeonpea floor, two floor about price of 600 yuan / square meters, even higher.
From the point of view of wood sources, at present the raw material of solid wood flooring market in our country almost all from abroad, if produced in merbau from Southeast Asia; natural teak from Thailand and Burma. At present, Thailand has banned teak deforestation; global production of rare Liquidamberis pigeonpea from Brazil; oak produced in Russia; OKAN production from Africa... Due to the rare raw materials, solid wood flooring has been in price increases.
Solid wood floor quality does not depend on the material to be weighed in all aspects of the assessment
So much wood materials in the market, it means that the price of the more expensive wood materials better, made of the quality of the floor is better?? experts think, solid wood flooring prices although related to wood material, but mainly by the scarcity of wood decided, such as teak, growth cycle of nearly hundred years; global production of Liquidamberis pigeonpea rarely, and difficult to be machined, so it is more significant of the precious. A lot of people choose teak or Liquidamberis pigeonpea floor, just consider from the appearance, looks more taste, and actually and slightly cheaper wood floor in quality and not much difference.
Although the wood material on the quality of the floor, but in addition to wood species, processing technology, paving quality and the use of the environment is an important factor in the quality of solid wood flooring. Valuable wood only on behalf of the tree species is very good, does not mean that the floor must be a good use. The so-called precious mainly refers to the pattern of good, beautiful texture, by everyone like; followed by the amount of the growth of Zhou Qichang. Even the same kind of wood, different companies have different processes, the processing of different companies, the quality of the floor is also different. And on the other hand, a kind of wood no matter how poor, as long as the craft do well, can also be a good floor.
Consumers to buy solid wood floor, do not have to blindly pursue valuable timber, but first of all to understand wood performance. Secondly, we must understand, wood and deformation is impossible, so important is choose the company, it is necessary to pay attention to the pavement and maintenance, but also consider the after-sales service.
It is understood that if the wood material hardness is larger, there is a certain compression resistance, easily not destroyed, but relatively easy to crack and deformation. Low hardness material feels very good, but in the home life needs careful maintenance, such as moving the table or mobile, even high-heeled shoes stepped on the may also the floor craters to.
Sales of good several mid-range timber market, merbau (pineapple) pattern good-looking, the feeling of mahogany, material is relatively stable, good processing performance, not easy to deformation cracks and moderate prices. Produced from South America, the core of the fiber, strength of medium, strong corrosion resistance, processing performance is good, but the disadvantage is that the larger color. From Southeast Asia to dipterocarp with moderate hardness, the performance is stable, the color is relatively small. From the South American ant wood, smooth, seems to have a good taste and can work under pressure; Southeast Asia Pometia tomentosa wood heart and sapwood distinction is slightly noticeable, Juegan good but has poor hardness.