Acceptance of wood floors acceptance of the five Raiders decoration people do

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The floor is very important, a family of wood flooring quality will directly affect the housing quality and overall appearance. So, in the inspector, be sure to pay attention to the various points of acceptance of the floor, if you don't know where to start, to follow the Daren decoration wood floor Raiders acceptance.
Wood flooring Raiders: the appearance of acceptance
The wooden floor inspection of the first step is to see whether the appearance of clean, there is no scratches, breakage and color, is a problem to be put forward in time.
1 clean the surface without leaving any stains in the construction will inevitably leave some paints, dyes etc.. If irresponsible construction team will follow any of the debris covered in which will affect other aspects of the quality inspection, so the first step is to test to ensure that the wood floor surface is clean and not contaminated.
2. Careful examination to prevent blowing flowers floor on both sides are not allowed to indentation, interlocked, edge collapse, cracking, delamination or male tongue and corner defect; front also must be free from scratches, bubbling, drum kits, tearing of paper, local paper shortage phenomenon.
3. Check the breakage degree so as to avoid future stay imperfection in the wooden floor laying, a lot of construction in the cutting is will more or less some differences and smart in this case construction will be in construction can make this mistake to cover up good, the appearance and essence of not much impact, but for some relatively large gap must to polish eyes fine detection, otherwise they will be for future use to a lot of inconvenience.
4 see the floor surface color is consistent if the difference is too large, directly affect the appearance, may require the change; if the colors are too consistent, almost no color, it depends on whether the same pattern of floor surface. If the pattern also is almost the same, it is possible is the process of wood floor, and not the so-called rare wood material wood floors. Now some wood flooring material suppliers by general wood wood floor, but is stuck in the surface layer of rare wood veneer to shoddy, opposite with aluminum foil attached, that is used to prevent moisture, in fact, is fear of being seen the opposite pattern and positive comments.
The wooden floor acceptance Raiders two: check the seams
Wooden floor surface layer joint quality should meet the following requirements, crevice tight, the location of staggered joints, surface clean, tight joints, firmly sticking nails, bond without glue overflow and plate arrangement has the advantages of reasonable, band width around.
1 wood floor joints or seams reflect difference wooden floor height difference of two floors a joint relative deviation degree. Mainly reflect perceptions of the quality, in the floor of the same measured area, visual selection two suspected level of the largest floor seam, respectively with tools close to two adjacent floors across the joint, with 0.5mm thickness steel plug sheet insert the gap between the ruler and the floor strips. If you can insert, then the measuring point is not qualified; otherwise the measurement points qualified.
Joint seams between 2. The floor with foot line too high floor with foot line between not only affects the floor practical value, but also seriously affect the appearance, caused most of the causes of this situation is due to glue caused by insufficient, there is in the laying process for boards are fixed, so that in the late glue solidified wood shift, resulting in the cracks.
3. Anchor line without glue repair, joint too big angle line interface the seam position is too big, but to no avail glue to repair, so late is not beautiful, the seams also easy to hide dirt.
Wood floor acceptance strategy three: see shop posted
Solid wood floor price is relatively high, if the laying of improper and affect the service life, then it is not worth the cost of the. Here are some of the details that need to be checked when laying a solid wood floor.
The 1 floor loose hollowing uneven ground floor and part of the wooden keel suspended in the above step, the floor is easy to make noise. Wood keel if the shop is not strong and easy to produce the same situation, so after the wood keel shop must be checked. Can step on the foot of the wooden keel, by shaking feet to detect whether the wood keel firmly.
2. The floor from sticking on the paved after the first row of solid wood flooring, installation personnel should be through pull straight leveling, if uneven need adjust immediately, otherwise it will influence behind the wood floor installation, after spreading, best with a ruler vertical in the solid wood floor to see there is no warping. The flatness of the use of checks on foot, to see if there is a tilt, the flatness deviation is adjusted to the allowable range.
Wood flooring acceptance strategy four: listen to the sound
Floor to see whether there is sound, acceptance on the floor walking back and forth, steps shall be increased, especially place relying on a wall and door parts to more attention to the acceptance and to discover the site of a sound, to repeat walking around and determine the sound of specific location, and do a good mark. In this case, you can request removal of resurfacing. The noise part is construction personnel in the construction process, the operation is not standard and substandard materials used by. The operation is not standard is mainly reflected in the keel fixed firmly; material failure is mainly reflected in the keel without drying.
The renovation of some construction units without drying with the keel construction, see traces of drying on the surface, in fact, not dry. The high moisture content to the keel, the timber of natural drying process volume will be reduced, resulting in loose.
The wooden floor acceptance Raiders five: forget the baseboard
The baseboard of the acceptance of the need to pay attention to: baseboard and doorcase gap is less than or equal to 2 mm; between Pinfeng skirting line spacing is less than or equal to 1 mm; skirting board and floor surface gap should be in 3 mm to 5 mm