How frequent thunderstorm season floor maintenance

2016-04-25 14:11:31   HIT:2122 
Summer is coming, at 40 DEG C high temperature roasting, the wooden floor of the protective measures, and thunderstorms moisture-proof measures and so on, maintenance work is done properly, is directly related to the service life of the wooden floor.
The method of high temperature of 40 DEG C under the sun:
On a hot day, wood floors easy relationship from the joint, when the water evaporation inside the floor, the floor at the splicing gap widening, even if the air conditioner on desperately blowing is useless, the most simple easy ways of doing this is sooner or later more room ventilation, ventilation, heat, generally speaking, near the balcony window or door floor more easily from the joint, foaming, so home nobody, shade cloth to pull a good, blocking sunlight on the floor directly burn.
Set the air conditioning, the wind will be adjusted, do not let the wind directly onto the floor, in order to avoid the floor dry, causing problems such as shrinkage.
Moistureproof method thunderstorms:
In August seven occasional rain, when it rains, the air is humid, water will make the wood floor, the deformation of arch swell. At this time in addition to timely close the windows or the rain stopped when ventilation, as do waxing maintenance, with the care of the skin, add some nutrients to the wooden floor. Composite flooring, solid wood flooring can generally be waxing, just for shop floor owners, as an industrious, do have played a wax before three months each month, which helps remove wood flooring moisture and prolong the service life of the.
Conditional word, but also to the wooden floor covered with moisture-proof film, to prevent the ingress of moisture, mopping floors attention mop not too wet, try to wring the water.