Children\'s room to shop pure solid wood floor for children to provide a healthy life

2016-04-29 09:58:56   HIT:2216 
According to the analysis, detection of exceed the standard was mainly due to excessive use of building materials caused by containing radioactive elements. Insiders pointed out that many Home Furnishing radioactive element types, mainly for the detection of several radioactive elements radium and thorium metal etc.. In order to make the surface gloss of ceramic sanitary ware enterprises better, some will choose to contain some radioactive elements in the glaze. In the long-term disease lung cancer or leukemia easily lead to exceed the standard radiation environment, Home Furnishing radiation has become a threat to the daily life of residents.
According to the insiders suggested that children's room decoration is to shop wood floor not tile. Due to the radioactive material is colorless, tasteless, if there is no specialized equipment to measure, in everyday life people cannot directly identify tile radiation will be exceeded, so in the decoration try not to all indoor use decorative tiles. Because of the relatively large density of radon in indoor, usually suspended ground at a distance of one meter or less, the lower the concentration of radon content is greater. Therefore, when conditions permit, children's room as far as possible with pure solid wood flooring.
Pure solid wood flooring from the natural wood, no radioactivity, no formaldehyde, no harm to the human body. As long as the regular manufacturers growth products, such as flooring and other brands, we basically don't have to worry about environmental performance. This feature is why many families Shun shigemi pure solid wood flooring. Laying a good solid wood flooring has good elasticity, people walk in the above regardless of temperature, touch, the foot feels very soft and comfortable.